Inditech is a healthcare technology company focusing on medical education with an integrated point-of-care solutions platform.

Medical Education by Inditech Today

Inditech is a leading education platform and solutions provider for doctors and medical students, delivered in partnership with medical academies.

The Inditech technology platform enables education via various online and hybrid formats across recorded certificate courses, interactive workshops, case study clinics, and in-clinic programs.

Inditech manages about 2000 programs annually, attended over 2 million times by tens of thousands of doctors. Inditech has used medical education to execute innovative brand solutions for over 45 leading pharmaceutical brands.

Point of Care Solutions Available Today

Inditech is working with leading medical academies in women and child health to transform last-mile healthcare by bringing the following “superpowers’ to OPD clinics.

– Pre-consultation Screening, At-Home Periodic Screening, and Patient Education – For Early Intervention and Compliance
– Point-of-Care Ready Reference, Screening Tools, Special Condition Alerts and Specialist Access for doctors – For – Early Diagnosis of Special Conditions, Local Treatment under Specialist Advise and Timely Referrals
New Specialised Services at the clinic – For Prevention and Management of Chronic Conditions and NCDs

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