Inditech has created solutions that empower primary care clinics with early intervention and specialised capabilities. Inditech’s Professional Development Platform (CPD) for practising pediatricians gives doctor education in all therapy areas, along with patient outreach & screening tools and specialist services.  

The National Need to Enhance Primary Care 

Patients do not visit primary care (outpatient) clinics until symptoms become severe. Even then, many clinics cannot diagnose special conditions or make timely referrals to specialists. To make matters worse, India does not have enough specialists.

Inditech solution

The Inditech CPD is distributed to doctors nationwide via win-win partnerships with medical academies, pharmaceutical brands and third-party in-clinic platforms. 

Inditech’s current services are pediatrics focused, with adult care to follow in the next phase. We are covering private sector clinics now and will enable public sector primary healthcare via the academies. 

How Does it Work? A Currently Available Example