We support and deliver professional education and expert services for doctors from the foremost experts in India. Brands (specifically pharmaceutical brands), engage us to create and implement uniquely valuable solutions to solve their brand marketing and sales challenges. We have created and conducted marketing and sales campaigns for more than 45 brands in the last 3 years, using medical education.

Our campaigns and solutions use education for doctors and patients. We work with several leading medical academies. We custom create each of our solutions, based on the stated marketing and sales objectives of the brand. The solutions usually deliver the stated objectives. Brands leverage our solutions to enhance the quality of their relationships with Healthcare Services Providers (HCPs). Campaigns vary in investment from as low as 3 lakhs to several crores of Rupees.

Our solutions may include any of the following elements:

  1. Medical education for doctors from leading medical academies delivered as certificate courses, workshops, case study clinics and one-on-one interactions. These are online, offline or hybrid and includes in-clinic activity.
  2. Diagnostic support tools, specialized services and specialist advice systems for doctors
  3. Health education for patients. Delivered via web, mobile, social media, doctor/clinic customized media, via leading local language media companies etc.
  4. Activity in schools and other offline events – 360 degree campaigns

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